The Parish Council has seen an increase in the number of complaints received regarding the problem of inconsiderate parking. Please refrain from parking on the pavement – pedestrians, pushchairs, wheelchair users need to get by on the pavement and should not be forced onto the road. Think about where you are parking, there are a number of vehicles who park so close to the junctions that it makes it dangerous for other motorists and pedestrians, others block private driveways or make it extremely difficult for residents to enter/exit their driveways. Consider the width of the road, there are several streets in Yaxley that are narrow and by parking on both sides of the road this causes issues for emergency services as well as the local buses. Stagecoach have just announced that they have removed Chapel Street in Stanground from a route because they are finding it increasing difficulty to get through with the service because of people parking vehicles either side. No one wants this to happen to in Yaxley – please be considerate.