As the weather improves it is lovely to see residents enjoying picnics on Middleton’s Road Recreation Ground. However, we ask that if the bins are full that you please take your litter home. There is a recycling bin for empty plastic bottles, cans and clean paper/cardboard next to the 3G pitch and we are installing an extra double bin next to the play area.

The bins on the Recreation Ground are emptied on a Monday and Friday and the area is litter picked on these days as well as on a Wednesday. Unfortunately, litter is often strewn across the Recreation Ground, particularly around the seating, skate park and multi activity areas with the neighbouring bins being left unused. The Parish Council empties over seventy litter bins in the village, twice a week, this rubbish is then picked up at a central point and the Council is charged on the weight of these bins.

We have recently seen an increase in residents using the litter bins dotted around the village to get rid of used cat litter and the contents from their fridge. Please do not place items like this in the litter bins, they should be disposed of in your household waste or dry recycling/garden bins where appropriate. By disposing the waste in this manner it will stop the Parish Council being surcharged for the additional waste and will ultimately stop the additional cost being passed on in the Council tax.

Litter Posters