Yaxley Boxing Leaflet

A reminder that YAXLEY BOXING CLUB is open to new members between the ages of 11-18. Here we have some more detailed information from the One Leisure Active Lifestyles Team:

– 5:30pm – 6:30 pm Tuesdays at the Amenity Centre, Yaxley

– The club is open to girls and boys

– The club is not just an informal punch bag session, it is a coach led boxing session teaching participants the technical and tactical aspects of Boxing.

– The coach is led by English boxing qualified coaches who are extremely good! They are creating a safe, open sports club.

– The scariest bit is coming through the door! IT REALLY IS!! The idea of Boxing can be intimidating but that is just not the case, the club is a junior sports club, Participants can make friends, bring old friends along, they will be in safe environment, never fight or spar in the club (if they did want to follow this route they would be helped into the parent club) and can enjoy a structured sports experience like no other!

– The club is a mixture of fitness and technique, participants will be expected to be working towards fitness and this is a key part of the club.

– The club will be free for the first year at least so no hidden costs or extras to pay (participants are recommended to buy a mouth guard and hand wraps if they do like the club, these are £2 and £3 respectively and the club can provide this) this is the only cost they will incur.

– They will get to use the bags and pads! Although we are clear it is not a free for all they do spend lots of time on the bags in the right way, IT IS GREAT FUN!!