Community Fridge filled with donated food


A community fridge has been installed in Yaxley to ensure that unwanted food goes to people who might need it.

Yaxley Parish Council have set up the community fridge in the pavilion building on Middletons Recreation Ground. In response to the pandemic it has had to adapt to way it operates.  It is no longer possible to select items yourself, instead all items are bagged and shared equally.  There is always a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables along with pastries and breads.

It is open on a Wednesday and Friday 10.30am to 11.30am and is being run by volunteers.

It is possible to donate to the fridge but we can not accept certain foods such as raw meat, raw fish, opened milk, cooked rice and will only registered food traders can donate produce that is prepared or cooked.

A community fridge is a simple way of enabling communities to share good food that would otherwise go to waste.

The fridge is an open access fridge stocked with surplus food from local businesses and individuals that is freely available to all members of the community on an honesty basis.

For more information on how it works, how to donate or volunteer to help please contact the Clerk by calling 241958 or email clerk@yaxleypc.org.uk